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Extract of Marine Algae

FORM                                 Fluid gel
COLOUR                             Pale yellowish-green to pale yellowish brown
ODOR                                 Characteristic
SOLUBILITY                       Water
pH                                      6.00 to 7.00
TOTAL SOLIDS                  14.00%
TOTAL ASHES                    2.00%
CHLORIDES                       1.00 %

Microbiological Specifications
Aeobic Plate Count              Maximum 100 UFC/g
Molds and Yeasts                Maximum 100 UFC/g
Pathogenic Micro-organisms      Absent

Contains – Extract of marine algae from the phaeophyceae and Rhodophyceae classes, sorbitol and
preservatives Phenoxyethanol 0.90% and Ethylhexylglicerine 0.10%.

Seaweed extract is specially adequate for hair-care products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair masks
and hair dyes. Also in skin care products including creams and serums.

Will keep hair shiny and supple arranging and protecting the cuticles damaged by chemicals and physical
agents or by mechanical action, restoring shine and natural balance to hair.

Seaweed extracts may also be used in the formulation of cosmetic products in general, as a protecting,
moisturising, softening and nutrient agent.

Seaweed extracts can be incorporated directly into cosmetic preparations at temperatures ranging from
25 to 90 oC.

Kept in closed containers, at room temperature, the product can be stored during two years. DO NOT
FREEZE. If frozen, remove from container, heat to 80 oC (176 oF) and repack.