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Recipe Cards

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NEW! Recipe cards for DIY Makeup, Skin & Body Care Products.

Recipe cards make it easier for making products whilst in the lab (or kitchen). 

These are brand new recipes on how to make natural, yet professional makeup from scratch.  

The cards that are now completed includes:
1. Foundations - both Cream foundation and Concealer Pencils - Ivory Shade for Light to Medium Skin Colour

2. Six mineral and pressed eyeshadow cards: 2 eyeshadow recipes per card. 

3. Gel eye shadows and liquid eyeliners

4. Cosmetic Eye pencils and Eyebrow pencils.

5. Mascara

6. Lippy - Lip/Cheek Pencils

7. Lipsticks

Plus a collection of looks in card format starting with "Get the Summer Look" Contains 8 recipe cards and 1 card on how to apply!

We will be building up the collection over the next year, so keep a look-out for your favourite colour makeup and application.