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Tin Pans

Magnetic Cosmetic Tin Pans 36mm

Magnetic Cosmetic Tin Pans 36mm

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High Quality Tin Plated Pan 36mm works with our press kit and pressing tiles

This Pan has MAGNETIC properties. Our pans are made of tin (not aluminium) which means that they cling to the magnetic base of our Magnetic eco-palettes and also that they are able to withstand pressure from the pressing action better than the aluminium pans.

Fits our Eye shadow magnetic eco-palettes and Go Pods.

Pans are generally for pressed powders, as well as for hot pour and cold process cosmetics. Our pans are tin plate. The alternative (which we do not sell) would be aluminium. The reason we sell tin plate pans is because tin is responsive to magnets. This makes tin pans a perfect choice if you are placing them into any type of magnetic palette.

 Please note that tin pans will rust if they are exposed to water. Aluminium pans will not. If you use rubbing alcohol to clean your pans (which is recommended), please either make sure that the alcohol is full strength (e.g. 99%) or if you use a diluted alcohol (e.g. commonly 70%), make sure that it dries off completely. If you leave your pans sitting in alcohol they may develop rust because 70% alcohol means it also contains 30% water. And water will rust your pans.

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