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Cosmetic Making Diploma Course

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Cosmetic Making Diploma Course
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The makeup courses have expanded to such an extent along with added content and ingredients, that as from March 2021, the makeup courses will be given in the following format for both the distance learning and the in-class studies.

  • Mineral Makeup - Mineral foundation, blush and eye shadows
  • Advanced Makeup - Liquid and Pressed Foundations and Concealers - Pre-requisite mineral makeup class.
  • The Art of Making Eye Makeup - Pre-requisite mineral makeup class.
  • The  Art of Making Bronzers and - Blushers Pre-requisite mineral makeup class.
  • The Art of Making Lip Makeup

These courses are all included along with Aromatherapy - How to use essential oils in skin, hair and body care products, The Creamy Craft of Cosmetic Making and Making Hair Shampoo and Conditioners in the diploma program.