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Essential Oils

Cedarwood Atlas

Cedarwood Atlas

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Latin Name: Cedrus atlantica

Thought to have orginated from the famous cedars of Lebanon (now protected from felling). The best quality oil is distilled from trees of over 20 years age

Astringent, antiseptic, relaxing. This light brown to transparent oil has a delicate woody spicy aroma. Cedarwood was used as a preservative in mummification. Cedar oil has a reputation for maintaining healthy vibrant skin. It also aids respiration.

Oils to Blend with
Blends well with most other wood based essential oils.

Therapeutic Properties

  • Anti-infectious - helps the body strengthen immunity and throw off the illness
  • Antiseptic - assists in fighting germs/infections (urinary, pulmonary)
  • Astringent - contracts and tightens tissue/ bacteriostatic (inhibits)
  • Diuretic - decongesting for lymph and veins
  • Expectorant - removes excess mucus from respiratory system
  • Insecticide - insect repellent
  • Mucolytic - breaks down mucus (pulmonary)
  • CNS tonic, sedative
  • Tonifying to the veins and lymph

Emotional and Energetic Qualities

Increases strength and endurance during difficult times
Encourages the ability to hold steady and persevere
Supports confidence in challenging situations


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No safety issues specific to this oil. Many sources tell us to avoid Cedarwood oil during pregnancy. There is no research to support this claim with Cedrus atlantica. The existing uncertainty may be due in part to the many different types of Cedarwood oils.

Plant Family

Extraction Method
Steam distilled from the wood stumps and chippings from commercial cedarwood production.

Country of Origin

Avoid during pregnancy.

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